Austdoor Group was honored "Pioneer in digital technology application"

16/1/2022 - Austdoor News

On January 16, 2022, in the program "Creating Vietnamese brands" held in Hanoi, Austdoor Group (ADG) was honored as "Pioneer in digital technology application”.

This is a prestigious award organized by the Institute of Business Culture & Vietnam Magazine to vote and award to businesses and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the application of digital transformation and implementation of digitalization in management and business; demonstrate mastery of technology, proactively create new solutions in services, production, and new business models. When successfully implementing digital transformation, businesses will have fast and sustainable development as well as have more opportunities to reach out to the world and integrate internationally.

Digital transformation is inevitable

2021 is a challenging year due to the complicated effects of the epidemic, but Austdoor Group has firmly overcome and created positive results, continuing to expand scale and areas of operation. That success is thanks to the policy of determining "Digital transformation is an inevitable job" of Austdoor Group. 2021 is chosen as a pivotal year for ADG to transform strongly, ready for the challenging goals of 2022 and vision of 2027. “Digital transformation” is also one of the Austdoor Group's four 2022 pillar orientations, including the strategy of “Business Development & Marketing, Supply Chain, Digital Transformation, Organization & Human Resources”. Austdoor Group has made strong digital transformation, especially in the last 3 years. The results obtained are positive, bringing values to businesses as well as to partners and customers... The award "Pioneer in digital technology application" which Austdoor Group received today is also a proof of that successful transition.

Mr. Duong Quoc Tuan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director said: “The construction materials industry is assessed as having a slow pace of change, especially in digital transformation, compared to industries such as IT, finance and banking or goods and consumption. But Austdoor Group has pioneered and has made a relatively large investment in technology application activities in all aspects of production, supply, sales, marketing, operations, ... "

Austdoor Group received the award "Pioneering enterprise in digital technology application"

Austdoor pioneers successful digital technology application

The application of scientific, technological and technological advances is applied by Austdoor Group not only to the production block at the factory through investment in modern equipment lines, new software applications in product research, production management, logistics, but for all activities from Marketing, customer care, supply or human resource management, accounting. We have internal administration applications such as 1C to manage processes and documents, SAP to manage cash flow, costs, materials, AMIS to manage work, and CRM-CC application to manage customer resources, there are digitized applications to serve partners such as SMO, webhub, applications….

Austdoor Group has built a customer management system with digital tools, most of the services are done online, customers anywhere can make transactions and order. Employees also innovated thinking, changed awareness, gradually applied digital transformation, automated operations, made the exchange process more professional, increased labor productivity, and at the same time saved transportation costs. onion.

The Chairman and CEO of Austdoor Group – Mr. Duong Quoc Tuan in an online program applying digital transformation technology

With the achievements in digital transformation, on January 16th, 2022, Austdoor Group was simultaneously awarded two awards "Pioneer in digital transformation application" and "Digital pioneer entrepreneur” – award for Mr. Duong Quoc Tuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director – recognizing efforts in the management and operation of digital transformation activities quickly and effectively.

Before that, Austdoor Group also excellently received many prestigious awards such as Vietnam Value in 2018, 2020; Top 10 Fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam, Top 5 Prestigious Building Materials Enterprises; Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam…


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