In order to help customers conveniently check genuine roller shutter products and the warranty period of Austdoor products, Austdoor Group would like to guide you to use SMS electronic warranty stamps quickly and accurately.


Electronic SMS warranty stamps of Austdoor



Electronic SMS warranty stamps is a solution that helps customers to look up information about genuine products and the remaining warranty period in a convenient and accurate way by composing a message (SMS) and sending to 8050.

At the same time, with the use of electronic warranty stamps on all genuine products and accessories, Austdoor Group wishes to have a close connection with consumers in the fight against counterfeiting, poor quality goods that are still being sold on the market.

Instructions for checking information from the electronic SMS warranty card:

Step 1:

First, you need to thoroughly check whether all the door products and accessories are affixed with Austdoor electronic warranty stamps. (The location of the stamp is illustrated by the image at the end of this article.)

The Austdoor electronic warranty stamp has a dimension of 2cm x 4m, the content on the stamp includes:

+ Austdoor logo with Kangaroo printed and sharp AUSTDOOR inscription

+ Telephone number of the Customer support center: 1900.6828

+ Official website address: www.austdoor.com

+ Product ID is covered with silver and texting instructions to check the genuine product and the warranty period.

+ Product Serial Number

Step 2:

Scratch the silver-covered part on the electronic warranty stamp to get the code

Step 3:

Compose a message with the syntax: Product <code>, then send to 8085

After that, you will receive an automatic message from 8085 about product information.

Step 4:

Check again by comparing the serial number information on the message with the serial number printed on the stamp.

If the above characters match, the roller shutter product is the genuine product made by Austdoor and you enjoy the free warranty benefits at Austdoor. Austdoor electronic warranty stamps need to be kept intact with clear product codes and serial numbers to facilitate the retrieval of information later and they are the basis for Austdoor roller shutter technical staffs to check and free repair for the products under warranty.

In addition, to be carefully advised to choose suitable Austdoor roller shutters to the customers' needs as well as visiting the sample product system, Austdoor Group recommends that you should go directly to authorized Austdoor Agents on nationwide.

In any case of further support, please contact Customer Service Center: 1900.6828



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