Using mobile phone to control Austdoor smart roller shutter

20 February 2019 - Tin công nghệ

2019 Austdoor roller shutter highlights its easy installation, convenience, simple control by mobile phone even when away from home and decentralized opening/closing, security control for many users in the family.

The recent launch of the Austdoor roller shutter control device by mobile phone has brought the best experiences to users, proving superior improvements in roller shutter technology of Austdoor Group. This also affirms AUSTDOOR’s pioneering position to introduce the modern Australian-technology roller shutter into Vietnam, and is the only roller shutter brand to receive VIETNAM VALUE by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Accordingly, Austdoor roller shutter control device by mobile phone is connected and installed with roller shutter control box, and users could control their shutter door on Austdoor application on Smartphone (on both iOS and Android platforms) through Wifi connection in any place. The product offers you absolute peace of mind and unprecedented experiences:

Remote control

  • Close/open roller shutter even when away from home
  • Check closing/opening status anywhere
  • Opening/closing timer
  • Control roller shutter by voice call or SMS
  • Control roller shutter by Mobile App

Enhance security

  • Send alarm to phone in case of intrusion
  • Send notification to phone when roller shutter is closed/opened
  • Decentralize for users & monitor opening/closing history of each person


Now, you can feel assured to go out and take your business trips away from home anytime, anywhere without worrying about your house security thanks to the protection of Austdoor smart roller shutter.


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Let's have a look at how to connect, install and use the shutter control box by mobile phone from Austdoor technical experts.

If you are in need of installing the product, please contact Austdoor Call Center: 19006828 or contact Austdoor nearest local dealer.

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