Austdoor Group officially launched the collection of feng shui roller doors.

8/11/2021 - Austdoor News

On November 8th , Austdoor officially introduced to customers the collection of feng shui roller doors – “Nghenh phuc don tai” (Welcome the fortune) to welcome the new lunar year of Tiger 2022.

According to Vietnamese culture; the main door and the front door are considered as the intersection between the air flow inside and outside of the house. This is also the area to welcome the best fortune and prosperity. Therefore, choosing good feng shui doors not only protects the safety and aesthetics of the house, but also brings luck, peace and fortune to the owner.

In fact, scientific studies have proven that feng shui has a significant impact on people's health, happiness, fame and fortune. It means that when we know how to apply feng shui scientifically in moderation, it can bring luck and good things.

The trend of feng shui roller doors

The origin of feng shui was understood as the explanation of the natural world to serve the needs of production and agricultural cultivation. According to the timeline, feng shui also plays a role in helping people determine the movement of time. Nowadays, along with the development of awareness, feng shui is considered as a science that combines theoretical and experimental such as geophysics, hydrogeology, cosmology, meteorology, environmental science, and architecture.

The science of feng shui in the field of construction and architecture is based on the formation, development and laws of nature, focusing on the elements of direction, geography, size... Projects are not only ensure the comfort, aesthetics, meet the needs of the owner; but also designed and built in accordance with external conditions, besides, it is harmony with nature, heaven and earth, age, destiny ... of the owner.

With that importance, many customers are now interested and choosed feng shui doors to bring fortune and luck. If in the past, roller door products were only interested by users in choosing modern technology, safety, designs and colors, but now, the size which is suitable for feng shui and the owner's destiny is one of the important standards. By catching the trend, Austdoor has pioneered research and introduced to customers the collection of feng shui roller doors, which not only has an existing smart technology platform, but also offers customers designed with a beautiful size, belonging to the palaces and fortunes according to the concept of feng shui. This is considered a new trend and bearing its own imprint only in Austdoor.

The feng shui roller doors collection of Austdoor – “Nghenh phuc don tai”

As the leading brand of safety and smart roller doors in Vietnam, Austdoor always strives to learn, constantly research to create modern aesthetic roller doors, safety and secure. This latest collection of feng shui roller doors has variety of models and sizes to help customers have more options, especially useful for investors, households, and businesses preparing to build new projects, houses.

Help customers choose the right rolling door

Applying feng shui in the field of construction and architecture is the holistic consideration of impact objects with basic characteristics including synthesis, flexibility, balance, stability and culture. Therefore, in order to have a "feng shui" project, architects and construction contractors need to consider and pay attention to many factors. In particular, the position, direction, size, color, construction perspective and feng shui main door are focused.

Once the location and direction of the door has been determined, the door size is an important criterion in modern feng shui. They both decide the functional, aesthetic, but also feng shui significance of the entire house. Therefore, it is necessary to have a meticulous and careful calculation before choosing the door measurement to ensure it is suitable and commensurate with the project.

Lu Ban 52.2cm ruler

To accurately determine the size of door according to feng shui, designers often use a Lu Ban 52.2cm ruler. On this scale, feng shui experts have helped determine the golden parameters for the door size to bring the best to the homeowner. With the application of technology and an online platform, the Lu Ban 52.2cm ruler now has an "online" version that makes it easy for customers to look up and use. An important "rule" that is concluded for users to easily remember when measuring the size of main door according to feng shui is "black out, red used". Accordingly, in order to have a beautiful door set, customers should choose a size according to both the length and width of the door falling in the arcs of good meaning (red on the Lu Ban 52,2cm ruler).

Based on this rule, Austdoor's feng shui roller door collection offers customers roller door products with door sizes of "beautiful bows" and a variety of colors for customers to choose. In the online event to introduce the collection for dealers and partners, Austdoor will also introduce feng shui roller door product lines and provide a set of user manuals and how to read  online version of Lu Ban 52.2cm ruller to support the consulting process of agents to consumers.

By launching Austdoor's feng shui roller door collection will contribute to answering questions and concerns of customers, as well as giving effective suggestions to customers interested in modern feng shui.

For more information and purchasing, please contact hotline 1900 6828 for advice and support.


Suggestions for homeowners & experts when installing feng shui main doors:

-   Besides the door size, the color and direction of the door are also important in modern feng shui.

-   Do not ignore the foundation of quality and genuine products to own security, durable technologies, ensure maximum performance and safety for the family.

-    Always keep the area around the house clean and ventilated.


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