Projects of Austdoor roller doors

1/9/2021 - Austdoor News

Austdoor roller doors prouds to be a partner of large investors and contractors.

Austdoor meets synchronous rolling door products serving more than 3.5 MILLION projects nationwide from civil, apartment buildings, factories to commercial centers...  With a variety of models, types and pioneers in leading smart rolling door technologies in Vietnam. Austdoor always brings the ultimate user experiences, along with safety and security solutions for the door to protect the house.

Let's admire projects using synchronous Austdoor roller doors. 

1. Vinhomes projects nationwide

- Investor: Vingroup

- Products: Aluminum slats roller doors, 

- Scale: over 4000 sets

2. The Manor Project - Ha Noi


- Investor: Bitexco 

- Products: Aluminium slats roller door

- Scale: over 300 sets


3. Mapletree projects nationwide


- Investor: Mapletree

- Products: Oversized steel roller door

- Scale: 148 sets

4. Geleximco Project – Ha Noi

- Investor: Global Viet Nam

- Products: Aluminium slats roller door

- Scale:145 sets

5. Indochina Plaza Project -  Ha Noi

- Investor: Indochina Plaza

- Products: Transparent roller door

- Scale: 80 sets

6. Grand Riverside Project – HCM

- Investor: Hoa Binh Group 

- Products: Fire resistant roller door, Topal Aluminium

- Value: 874.699 USD

7. Duy Tan Factory projects - Long An 

- Investor: Duy Tan Plastic

- Products: Aluminium Slat Roller door, Topal Aluminium

- Value: 412.858 USD

8. Lakeside Project – Da Nang


- Investor: Dat Xanh Mien Trung 

- Products: Aluminium slats roller door

- Scale: 260 sets

9. LakeView City Project - HCM

- Investor: Novaland Group

- Products: Aluminium slats roller door, Austvision 

- Value: 293.024 USD

10. Timberland Manwah Project - Binh Duong

- Investor: Coteccons Group 

- Products: Fire resistant roller door, Oversized steel roller door, Grill roller door

- Value: 844.084 USD

11. MWG Office – Ho Chi Minh city 

- Investor: Central Construction Joint Stock Company

- Products: Fire resistant roller door,  Aluminium slats roller door

- Value: 374.371 USD

12. Binh Duong Provincial General Hospital Project

- Investor: Binh Duong Provincial General Hospital

- Products: Fire resistant roller door, 

- Scale: over 20 sets


And more than 3.5 MILLION PROJECTS nationwide are adorned and protected by Austdoor Roller Doors!


Austdoor - Choosing safe and intelligent roller doors brings safety and peace of mind to the family. 

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