Austdoor group supports doctors of central eye hospital assisting the south to against the covid-19

10/8/2021 - Austdoor News

On August 10th, Austdoor Group (ADG) presented 105 gifts of necessities and food supplements supporting the “white shirt soldiers” of the Central Eye Hospital on the way to provide aid to the South against the Covid-19 epidemic.

In response to the call of the Ministry of Health, the Central Eye Hospital has urgently established a task force selected to be eligible to send troops to support the dear South.

In the spirit of the consensus of the doctors, Austdoor Group quickly prepared a plan to give support gifts to contribute to motivating the deligation to rest assured against the epidemic. The gift includes necessities, cooling water powder, which is small but practical, which can help doctors and nurses stay healthy in the limited living conditions of the long-term pandemic fight.

Representatives of the Hospital Management Board and the delegation received support from Austdoor Group

The deligation consists of 105 members; including 30 doctors (specializing in anaesthesiology and ophthalmology), 75 nurses and technicians in other specialties. All members of the delegation have been trained and fully equipped skills with knowledge, capable of setting up and operating ventilators as well as caring and treating Covid-19 patients in the best way. Accordingly, the first group of 52 members will depart before August 15. Accordingly, the first group of 52 members will depart before August 15. In order to be ready and active in the process of performing the task, the Central Eye Hospital has also fully prepared essential equipment, protective equipment and injecting 2 full doses of Covid-19 vaccine for the support team.

Before departure, besides the supporting gifts, Austdoor Group also received the coordination and companionship of Thien Tam Hair Group, which supported 60 members of the delegation to cut their hair. This is a meaningful activity, encouraging the spirit and the optimism of the doctors.

Nurses and doctors cut off their long hair to be ready to help the South fight the pandemic

Determined to return only when completing the anti-epidemic task, the white-shirted soldiers were mentally prepared, ready to race against time, to join hands in the fight against the epidemic to save and treat Covid-19 patients. Among them, there are many doctors who volunteer to support and cut hair to facilitate care for Covid-19 patients.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Thu, representative of Austdoor Group’s Board of Directors shared: “Right after receiving information, we made plans very quickly as well as in accordance with the situation of social distancing, on behalf of all employees, we wish to give white-shirted soldiers preparing to go to the front lines and fight the epidemic with items for daily personal activities to enhance physical strength, especially the unyielding will to successfully complete noble tasks”.

The “soldiers in white” before leaving

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic at the end of 2019 until now, Austdoor Group has also implemented many activities to accompany and support frontline forces in isolation areas including 7 hospitals, 3 army barracks and support essentials for localities and people to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. With the spirit of sharing and mutual affection, ADG will continue to stand side by side and support organizations and localities to spread good values to the community.


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