Outstanding projects using Austdoor roller door (Part 2)

15/12/2021 - Austdoor News

Improve aesthetic appeal of projects with Austdoor roller door!

In the coming new year 2022, construction projects are speeding up to complete the decorations to welcome the Lunar New Year. Austdoor has also been accompanying investors, contractors... across the country to both protect safety and beautify the projects.

With a variety of models, types and pioneers in Vietnam's leading #smart_roller_door technologies, Austdoor always brings great experience to customers, along with the best safety solutions for door to protecting customer’s home.

Let's take a look at outstanding projects using synchronous Austdoor roller doors in 2021 (part 2)!

- Project: Doi Rong Tourist Area

- Investor: Gleximco Group

- Products: A49i Aluminum slats roller doors, 

- Scale: over 640 sets

- Project: Duong Noi Urban Area 

- Investor: Nam Cuong Group

- Products: A49i Aluminum slats roller doors, 

- Scale: 400 sets

- Project: Texhong Factory

- Investor: Texhong Vietnam

- Products: TM Steel roller doors, Fire resistant roller door,

- Scale: 300 sets

- Project: Kim Do Urban Area

- Investor: Hung Ngan Group

- Products: M70 Aluminum slats roller doors

- Scale: 270 sets

- Project: ICT Luxshare Factory

- Investor: ICT Luxshare Vietnam

- Products: ST85/ST100 Oversized steel shutter, AP Steel roller doors, AF100 Fire resistant roller door

- Scale: 160 sets

- Project: Shinning City Urban Area

- Investor: Tay Bac Group

- Products: S52i Aluminum slats roller doors,

- Scale: 110 sets

- Project: Catalan Boulevard Urban Area

- Investor: Catalan JSC & Phu Thai Group

- Products: A49i Aluminum slats roller doors,

- Scale: 100 sets

- Project: BYD Vietnam Electronics Factory

- Investor: BYD Electronics Co., Ltd

- Products: Aluminum slats roller doors,

- Scale: 90 sets


And nearly 4 MILLION PROJECTS across the country are adorned & protected by Austdoor roller doors.


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