3 outstanding benefits of synchronized Austdoor roller shutter

20 May 2019 - Austdoor News

Do you know that a synchronized roller shutter includes technical frame system, door body, winch, guide rails?

All parts are assembled into a unified product to offer many benefits and absolute peace of mind to customers, helping them save operational costs of their roller shutter.

Synchronized Austdoor roller shutter offers THREE BENEFITS superior to other normal shutters on the market:
- SMOOTHER operation due to the synchronized design of technical frame system integrated with power roller system and seal on the door body, reducing up to 90% of the noise as opening or closing the door.
- More DURABILITY and stablility, longer LIFETIME and less malfunctioning because its specifications are strictly controlled at our factory in order to ensure the absolute accuracy which is independent of installation skills.
- More BEAUTIFUL appearance thanks to its synchronized overall design.

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