Austdoor as a pioneer launched Large-slat Roller Shutter with superior safety and aesthetics

26 Octorber 2018 - Austdoor News

Since launched in the early of June 2018, Austdoor Large-slat Roller Shutter has caught up with the modern roller shutter design trend in the world and quickly integrated into Vietnam’s roller shutter market with superior features in traditional roller shutter lines.

It can be said that roller shutter industry in our country was developed much later than other countries as it started in 2003. However, after only 15 years, Vietnam’s roller shutter industry is currently developing equivalent to the developed countries. The proportion of roller door in security door group was 22% in 2010, and increased up to 40% in 2017. People tend to use roller shutter as a security door so its proportion is expected to increase to 45% in 2018.

Understanding this trend, Austdoor Group always pioneers to research new roller shutters and introduce them to the market, which helps consumers experience new products meeting their increasing needs.

In 2018, there is a change in modern townhouse architecture, which focuses on seamless spaces with little small pieces and cumbersome decoration eliminated. Therefore, Austdoor Group's experts did research to gradually improve and increase the width of the slat, bringing the look of seamless, superficial and stable for houses. Then AUSTDOOR LARGE-SLAT ROLLER SHUTTER was launched, bringing the house a mordern, luxurious and classy appearance with different and impressive facade.

Outstanding features in Austdoor Large-slat Roller Shutter:

- Highlight the classy appearance for the house: Thanks to the slats with a height of up to 120 mm - 2.4 times higher than slats in normal roller shutter, Large-slat Roller Shutter provides the house facade a secure, luxurious and classy appearance.


- Superior durability & smoothness: Thanks to a synchronized technical frame, circular slat couplings and improved Pully 270 system, 90% of the operational noise is eliminated to bring comfort to the whole family.


- Absolute safety: Austdoor Large-slat Roller Shutter ensures absolute safety for all family members as integrated with a lot of safety technologies and equipment such as reversing system, siren warning system, technology against copying door passwords, mobile phone connecting system, smoke sensor, etc.



Large-slat Roller Shutter has met the aesthetic needs in the development flow of modern architecture and the requirements of absolute safety for users. Therefore, it is sure that this product line will quickly be received and become a new trend in the revolution of Vietnam’s roller shutter industry.

Austdoor - Safe Doors - Safe House



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