Austdoor: Handling counterfeit and pirated goods that violate intellectual property right

23 August 2019 - Austdoor News

Investigation agency has recently issued a decision to seize products and penalize the violations of trademark right protected by Austdoor Group.

Currently, on the market, the brand names of counterfeit and pirated goods often remain the font and packaging colors but add or remove some of the spelling. Taking the violations of Gia Phat Trading Produce Investment Company Limited for example, our brand name was removed a “t” and became “Ausdoor” with the same colors, logo design and models. Such violations really make it difficult for consumers to choose products on the market, especially for specific products that consumers have little professional knowledge like roller shutter.

Pirated Ausdoor roller shutter (left) without "T" compared to the authentic brand Austdoor (right)

The lastest violation has been the incident of Gia Phat Trading Produce Investment Company Limited. On the morning of 18 January, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Office of Intellectual Property and the Economic Police Department inspected this company and made a report on providing roller shutter with the violation of intellectual property right of Austdoor brand. On the basis of the violation signs, the inspectors seized all products and signboards with the pirated Austdoor name and made a record of sanction as prescribed in Article 11 of the Decree No. 99/2013/ND-CP of the Government on sanctioning administrative violations in industrial property.

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