How does Austdoor make the fastest growth in construction materials?

28/4/2021 - Austdoor News

Austdoor leads in the rank of construction materials industry!

On April 27th, in Hanoi, Austdoor Group was honored in Top 10 Fastest growing  enterprises in Vietnam 2021 (FAST500) and led in the ranking of enterprises in construction and trading of building material industry.

During the 2016-2019 period, the FAST500’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was around 28% while the private sector clearly shows the role of continuing to be the engine of economic growth in the country, with the largest average CAGR of 30,1%. In particular, the growth rate of Austdoor is in the top 10 and is the fastest growing enterprise in the construction material manufacturing and trading industry according to the results published by Vietnam Report.

The representative of Austdoor Group received the award at the announcement ceremony.

Ranking of enterprises in this growth ranking is sorted based on CAGR in terms of revenue and business performance, referenced on the data of the past 4 years. In addition, criteria such as total assets, total labor, profit after tax and corporate reputation in the media, etc. are also used as supporting factors to determine the scale and position of enterprises in the industry.

Owning a large market share in the door and building materials industry, Austdoor was also present in the Top 5 Prestigious Building Materials Enterprises and Top500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam.

Austdoor roller door set the stage for the impressive development of Austdoor Group

Over 18 years of development, Austdoor is the first brand which was built by ADG and also a pioneer in the field of roller doors in the Vietnamese market. Up to now, Austdoor roller doors have always maintained the position, trust and be the first choice of customers across the country. In addition, the products of Austdoor roller door were introduced and used in neighboring markets such as Laos and Thailand. As the first and only roller door brand to achieve Vietnam Value times in a row, Austdoor has adorned and protected more than 3.5 million projects and is continuously expanding nationwide. With a large proportion of sales and steady growth, despite the effects of the Covid19 translation, the roller door product lines have significantly contributed to the overall growth of the Austdoor Group.

The high quality factory system produces the leading safe and intelligent Austdoor roller doors

So far, besides the main product of high-tech roller doors, Austdoor Group also participates in diversified fields with prestigious brands such as Topal Aluminum, Eratek Steel Tile and Light Truss, Austdoor Glass accessories, Sunrak – solar mounting systems, Sunspace facades, Huge wooden doors and Austcare Door Service Center.

Expansion of the core business of doors and building materials is one of Austdoor Group's long-term strategies. It allows enterprises to maximize the capacity and value of the system of 6 large-scale factories, to have stable business overcoming difficulties when building a nationwide distribution network, multi-channel and product.

New strategy for growth and pioneering

One of the core factors for a product or service to be certified with a national brand name is its pioneering and leading capacity. Therefore, Austdoor Group always strives to contribute to the general development’s changes of the building materials industry in Vietnam. With the strategic direction of digital transformation and improving customer experience, Austdoor Group continues to set new challenging goals for the period 2021 - 2025. In addition to investing in improving production capacity, Austdoor focuses on researching and constantly diversifying products as well as developing sales channels and complex business models to optimize values. More than that, it can bring the best experiences to partners and customers.

In addition to traditional solutions to increase revenue such as expanding markets, increasing productivity, and saving costs in difficult times, a prominent feature of Austdoor's priority strategies is focusing on digital transformation in production and business activities, applying systems as resource management as well as operation software (E-office, SAP…) and customers (CRM, SMO, Web-hub, etc.)

Customers experience the digital transformation application, one of Austdoor Group's new digital tools.

Sharing after the announcement ceremony, Mr. Le Thanh Son - Sales Director of roller doors from Austdoor Group said: “The signs of positive recovery of the domestic economic market due to the initial good disease control are bringing more optimism and confidence to Vietnamese businesses. However, there are still many difficulties, therefore Austdoor Group will continue to strive to maintain steady growth from the core businesses of doors and building materials, develop new products and apply modern sale models. We look forward to pioneering digital transformation and applying technology to production and business activities to not only support Austdoor's operations but also contribute to promoting the overall development of the building materials industry in Vietnam. In 2021 and the coming years, Austdoor will reach out to the international market to affirm the quality and position of Vietnamese brand".

With a system of more than 600 retailers and thousands of points of sale in 63 provinces across the country, customers will easily find and buy Austdoor Group's products to serve the needs of safety protection and create standards for projects.

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